The Top Iconic Dishes to Try in USA

To obtain a tourist visa or work visa to the US and obtain the Green Card, several procedures are required. In addition, learning about your culture plays a crucial role. When you talk about culture, you also need to talk about food. Before the mouth starts to lean and order these products, let’s start learning more about them.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

There is nothing better than looking at a good burger with tender and slow pork. In most cases, Americans want to wear a shoulder belt, also called Boston Bottom, to get things done. Among the various things to consider in this meal is the fact that your presentation and preparation are different when you live or become a permanent citizen or state or another state. For example, Tennessee uses a knife blade and a shoulder to fill the meat, while in North Carolina there may be a specific portion of meat or not.

Mac and Cheese

Also called cheese and Macaroni , it is a magic word for all lovers of American cheese. This meal is prepared by simply mixing a white sauce and cheese into the baked dough before baking. This easy-to-cook pot has an interesting story to tell when we came back in the time of Thomas Jefferson, who brought macaroni and parmesan cheese to the US and then served noodle cake for a national dinner.

Lobster Club sandwich

Several American residents and green card owners will agree to say club sandwiches have always been typical American fare. In most American restaurants, there are certainly multilevel sandwiches with ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese and, of course, lobster. This sandwich is usually served in cocktails as it blends well with martini, gin or vodka.


If you are lucky enough to get a permanent permit or green card authorization and celebrate at a famous American restaurant, a piece of American steak would be a great choice, and I’m sure you’ll love its taste. Remember, American steaks will be different, and sometimes the waiter asks if you want it rare, medium, rare or good. Cookies are also available in various forms such as pork, beef or fish. It is simply cooked, gratin and sauce and seasonings added.

Apple pie

Known as American Pie is undoubtedly the usual food for US citizens, as apples are easy to find in the US. These foods are ideal for snacks and of course for special occasions. This food usually has a crust stuffed with apples and sometimes ice cream or cream as a filling. It is also cauterized with double bristles striped at the top.


Since most people in the United States are good friends, this thin, flat cake, made from dough and cooked in a pan or frying pan, has become a shared breakfast for them. Children and adults will love this food, especially if it is served with various fillings such as syrup, butter, jelly or chocolate.

Above dishes are favorable and also consumed by most of the USA citizens. The rent a car under 21 is of much importance in making travels to various restaurants to buy these foods.